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The Important Role of Fire Inspection Management Software

Fire extinguishers are always ready for action. All buildings, houses, Industries need Fire extinguishers apart from vehicles. This prevents the fire from spreading and can easily extinguish it. This saves damage to life and property.

The Role of Fire Sprinkler

The automatic fire sprinkler system is the best frontline defense when a fire breaks out. Fire sprinklers can control a fire immediately and lessen the impact and gradually defuse it. The fire sprinkler system will need to be inspected regularly by fire inspection management software.

Manual Inspection of a Fire Sprinkler System:

  1. Done by testing the control valve. One needs to test the butterfly control valve as a first step.
  2. The readings need to be gauged and need to activate the sprinkler system. The technician then captures the reading of the gauge. Then, the remedial action follows.

Role & Help of Fire sprinkler inspection software:

Fire sprinkler inspection software detects immediately the impact of the fire and controls it. All fire departments use this software in their daily operations. This also helps the Fire department. First-aid workers to de-escalate the fire in emergencies.

This software is capable of record management, tracking of incidents, inventory, and staff management. It also helps in administration, operational prevention, equipment data, and training. All fire brigade personnel use these types of software. This software gives accelerate reporting and gathers information.

The most important software used is ScanSeries. Which is an industrial application for device-specific inspection of fire. This helps in sprinkler system inspection. SprinklerScan is software that helps personnel to easily test and inspect sprinkler systems. Also helps to water-based fire protection systems pertaining of any environment. This software helps personnel to create graphs to document pump flow measurements as well!!


The software comes with less cost and manages a bigger role. One should increase more number of inspections using an iPhone or iPad or any smartphone. It also helps in paperless governance. The functioning is very easy as one can work away from the area as well.

Fire sprinkler inspection schedule

The technicians can inspect weekly or monthly employed by the companies or Industries. Fire Sprinkler Inspection Software ensures smooth functioning and can be used for a fire emergency. Weekly one can inspect control valve sealing, gauges in dry, pre-action, and deluge systems. Monthly one should check gauges in wet pipe systems.

Quarterly, one should check water flow alarm devices, supervisory signal devices, valve supervisory alarm devices, control valves, hydraulic nameplates, signage, hand-wheels, and fire department connections. The same goes on periodically at regular intervals and specified by the fire personnel!

Managing the operation

The fire personnel in the government or any industrial unit synced all documents, deficiency images for future references and to display fire inspection company. Basically, the technicians’ reports are tabled, automated reminders are set, and inspection reports are also tabled for future references.

The inspection departments and the service departments are brought together to work in unison and they generate quick propels on the field. One can log in to the system from anywhere and at any given time. This way, one can schedule inspections.


Fire protection systems are essential tools for any type of facility—and require extensive maintenance to ensure that they will perform as expected in an emergency. Model fire codes and standards from the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) outline the responsibilities for conducting ITM of various systems and elements.

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