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The Feature of Fire Extinguisher Barcode Inspection Software

Fire extinguishers are a necessity at every house, industry, buildings, etc. for the safety of life. Fire if it catches anywhere is a dangerous element that can destroy life and property if it escalates! The containment and extinguishing the fire are very much important for human life. 

So, fire extinguishers need to be proper and always ready for action whenever required. The barcode inspection software for fire extinguishers is a good discovery. Using one smartphone or tablet, the fire extinguisher barcode can help track issues of any malfunction.

Advantages of Fire Extinguisher Barcode Inspection Software

fire extinguisher barcode inspection software

  • Assess and identify risk
  • Quickly report and track incidents
  • Effectively determine and correct root causes
  • Monitor leading and lagging performance indicators
  • Track the progress of corrective actions
  • Develop and deliver effective training
  • Monitor, assess and communicate workplace changes
  • Accurately maintain safety data
  • Efficiently meet OSHA Recordkeeping requirements

Factors Determine the Usage of Fire Extinguisher Barcode Inspection Software as given below:

High-efficiency improvement:

One can save time by inspecting a fire sprinkler on one’s smartphone or tablet. Immediate results one can get. The issues noted are automatically communicated to responsible individuals through email or text messages. This practice needs to be followed regularly.

Risk reduction and improved compliance:

Inspections should not be missed. Through the dashboard, one can get real-time information and see those action items are not fixed. Through OSHA and fire code requirements one can maintain centralized records.

Proper Audits and Accountability:

There needs to be comprehensive reporting. The completion of inspections needs to be recorded as well as corrective actions are taken. The action plan needs to be assigned to some individuals and the responsibility given and the results need to be tracked.

Perfect deployment and paperless:

One can create one’s site’s cloud-based fire extinguisher software program within minutes. There is total paperless management. No task of filing, scans, spreadsheets, and in the office as electronic forms are available from one’s browser.

Totally Inexpensive:

The design software for inspection is very cost-effective. One can save a lot of money. The portability is also very easy because of IOS, Android, or Windows Mobile or tablet. So, there is no extra cost in implementation either.

Equipment Tracking and Barcodes:

All emergency response assets including the make, model, manufacturer, location, etc. will be stored. Barcodes and QR codes are used to access fire extinguisher information, inspection forms, and action-related matters. One can use GPS and get a list of fire extinguishers usage that are nearby by using smartphones or tablets.

Proper guidance and Migration:

Instructional videos or text can be incorporated into inspection forms. The available data can be imported once fingertips and the history are maintained.


Companies need to implement this Fire inspection software to proactively assess issues in real-time and find remedies quickly. They can swiftly develop, implement and communicate changes to maintain a safe working environment. These solutions will help one’s company to progress, avoid fire dangers and save costs!

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